Skateboard Drive for Ugandan Kids


In February of 2009 activist & photo journalist Cassi Amanda Gibson visited the Kitintale skatepark in Uganda. She brought back a beautiful series of photos of the young locals discovering their own skate styles & forms as well as photos of the gorgeous and complex surrounding Kitintale community. Her photos inspired two of her friends, community activists Andy Stepanian & Dan Tudor to do something to support the kid’s creativity & expression in Kitintale. On June 6th, 2009 Cassi will be returning to Uganda & the Kitintale park & our aim is to take (2) 100lb crates filled with donated gear (new or lightly used) to the kids in Kitintale, if you or your shop can help, please do. Specifically, we are looking for decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and shoes, however any additional gear (pads, caps, clothes) will be warmly accepted. In the weeks leading up to the 6th of June Andy Stepanian & Daniel Tudor will be rounding up donations & visiting local shops soliciting their help. Receipts can be provided upon request to donors for tax purposes. Dan, Andy, & Cassi will be filming this process for an online video magazine segment set to air at the end of this summer, and would love to credit those who donated to their efforts in their film segment. If either you, your brand, or stop would like their logo to appear in the film segment please email the all logos, links & similar info to Andy by July 1st, 2009 ( We all look forward to working with brands, shops, & donors like you on making something great happen for the skaters in Uganda.

For information on the Kitintale park & the skaters in Uganda visit

To view some of the photos from Cassi’s last trip you can visit