National Lawyers Guild Launches Animal Rights Activism Committee

[NEW YORK, NY]  The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) has formed a committee dedicated to the furtherance of animal liberation issues and defending those imprisoned while fighting for animal rights.  This Thursday, October 3rd at 6pm the NLG Animal Rights Committee will host a launch event for this new committee, at the CCR offices located at 666 Broadway, 6th Floor.  You can RSVP via facebook HERE.

As business-driven designer legislation is eroding what little legal protections are afforded to animals, and simultaneously eviscerating activist’s abilities to effectively organize and advocate for these animals, the NLG has stepped up to filled a much needed role.  The NLG has long been on the cutting edge of social justice, among the first to defend targeted activists, and to broaden its anti-oppression vision.  In this exciting new chapter, the NLG will hopefully expand the radius of their work beyond simply defending the human rights of marginalized voices but also the lending it’s resources towards defending the rights of  voiceless non-human animals.  Speakers at Thursday’s launch will include…

Bina Ahmad
Bina is a Legal Aid criminal defense attorney and long-time social justice activist.  Bina will discuss the intersections between animal rights and broader visions of justice.

Lauren Gazzola
Lauren is a Communications Associate for the Center for Constitutional Rights and a SHAC 7 defendant, who served 40 months in federal prison for her role in the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign to close Huntingdon Life Sciences.   Lauren will discuss the repression of animal rights and environmental activists as part of what many activists refer to as “The Green Scare”.

For more information, to join the committee, or to RSVP for the event, email