Sister of Slain Kent State Student Testifies in Front of United Nations Human Rights Committee

[GENEVA, SWITZERLAND]  At 10am EST, Laurel Krause, whose sister Allison was among those killed at Kent State, addressed the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) as part of its 4th Periodic Review on Human Rights in America. Laurel asked the UNHRC to press the US to initiate a new and independent investigation into what occurred at Kent State, with a particular focus on forensic evidence that emerged in 2010. Attached below is Laurel’s full statement as read to the committee at 3pm Geneva Time, a livestream of the session is available HERE.

“My sister Allison Krause was one of four students shot to death by American military personnel in the parking lot of her university campus at Kent State, Ohio on May 4, 1970 as she protested the Vietnam War. I was fifteen years old when this happened. I have come here today to ask that the United States be held accountable for failing to fully investigate this incident and its own complicity in the crimes that took place and to deliver justice to the victims and their families. Allison stood for peace and died for peace on May 4th.

“My mother Doris Krause, now 88 years old, is not able to travel due to her failing health. Even though Mom’s not here, she helped write these words and believes in them. Our sentiments are shared by family members and by many others present at Kent State at the time of the shootings, as well as concerned citizens who have also longed for accountability for the historic, and tragic, series of events at Kent State.

“For 44 years the United States government has refused to admit that four young students … children … were killed at Kent State. There has not been a credible, independent, impartial investigation into Kent State. No group or individual has been held accountable. Even in 2010 upon the emergence of undeniable, credible forensic evidence pointing to direct US government involvement, there has still not been a full accounting of the events on and near that day, and no remedy delivered to the victims.

“Because of the failure of the US government to pursue accountability and deliver redress to victims, we ask the UNHRC to press the US to initiate a new investigation of Kent State, with a particular focus on the forensic evidence that emerged in 2010. The right to assemble and protest is professed as a cherished American value and is a fundamental facet of our democracy. The Kent State precedent has cast a shadow over this democracy for over 40 years. If Kent State remains a glaring example of government impunity, it sends a message that protestors, especially young men and women, can be killed by the state for expressing their political beliefs. My sister died protesting for peace and I would like to honor her memory by ensuring that this never happens to another American protestor again.”

Laurel Krause will be available for limited comment in Geneva from Monday 3/9 to Friday 14/14 via # 0763 639 033 or # 01141 763 639 033. Upon returning from Geneva Laurel will be in New York City for media interviews on March 16th, 17th and 18th. To arrange an interview with Laurel Krauss please contact Andy Stepanian via email at or by phone at 631.291.3010.