Still Falling: The Fight to Preserve Tasmania’s World Heritage Forests

AUSTRALIA — Miranda Gibson has devoted years of her life to defending Tasmania’s old growth forests.  Holding Australia’s record for longest tree sit, Miranda is no stranger to the long haul of tenacious grassroots campaigns for eco-defence.

Miranda’s Observer Tree sit lasted 449 days and her six and a half years working on the Florentine Forest blockade has awarded World Heritage Protection status for the otherwise doomed Florentine eucalyptus stand.

Miranda is apprehensive of the word “victory” as she sees her struggle as an ever-poised and vigilant stance against creeping, rapacious development.

Despite Miranda’s laundry list of victories for the forests of Tasmania, the Australian government is attempting to delist several forests from World Heritage Protection status, Tasmanian trees are Still Falling, and these forests need your help.

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