Black Chicago Activists Fly ‘Chicago Stands with Laquan, Hillary Stands with Rahm’ Banners Across City Skyline

Chicago, IL — This afternoon, as primary voting is underway in Illinois, airplanes are flying across the Chicago skyline towing banners linking Hillary Clinton with unpopular Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, with whom Emanuel covered up the 2014 Chicago PD’s killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald while campaigning for his own re-election.  The arial banners read

Chicago Stands with Laquan, Hillary Stands with Rahm — #ByeAnita #ByeRahm

“Tell me who you know, and I’ll tell you who you are,” said Tess Raser, an organizer with Assata’a Daughters, the group coordinating today’s banner actions. “To this day, Hillary Clinton has yet to condemn Chicago’s anti-black mayor. Mayor Emmanuel has conspired with State’s Attorney Alvarez during his own re-election campaign to cover up the police murder of Laquan McDonald —a life that to Emmanuel, Alvarez, and Clinton did not matter.  Any politician who supports Emanuel should consider themselves implicated in his misconduct. Anti-black politicians are not welcome in Chicago whether they are running for State’s Attorney or President of The United States.

“Yesterday we dropped 16 banners calling for Anita Alvarez to be ousted from office. 16 banners for the 16 shots CPD fired that killed Laquan McDonald. It took moments for CPD to steal Laquan’s life and nearly a year before evidence of that moment would surface. Anita Alvarez has cosigned on CPD’s wanton disregard for Black life and has conspired to suppress evidence of this disregard. Anita Alvarez does not care about Black people, and she must go.”

Photos and Video will be made available HERE

About Assata’s Daughters
Assata’s Daughters is an intergenerational collective of Black women and girls. This demographic represents both the largest growing prison population and those leading protests against state violence in Chicago.